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Optimizing Winter Health through Self-Care

Image of Woman rubbing her shoulders | Kerry Loeb Self-Massage & Health Trainings

Wintertime Health & Self-Care Focus

This is the time of year, according to Eastern Medicine, that relates to the Kidney/Bladder function. It is important to know that in Eastern Medicine, the Kidneys are the foundational organs when it comes to our vitality, immunity, and overall feeling of well-being.

This time of year lasts from December 21st-March 20th, and this is when this organ system will be at its most vulnerable, so it is very important to protect and strengthen these organs during this time of year so you can enjoy abundant health the rest of the year.

The Kidneys are the storehouse of energy in our bodies, waiting to be distributed by other organ systems (particularly the Liver/Gallbladder function), so that we can feel more alive, more vibrant, and more fulfilled.

If the Kidney function is low, here are some things you might be feeling – fatigue, cold hands and feet, low back problems, nighttime urination, low sex drive, weak knees, weakness of hearing and vision. If you feel fear a fair amount of the time, this is another indication that the Kidneys might need some support, as this is the emotion that relates to this time of year.

How can we strengthen this organ system this time of year? Just as a tree loses its leaves as the energy descends to the roots, we need to honor our own energies by allowing ample time for rest, relaxation, and contemplation. It’s the time of year to slow down and build our essential Chi (energy). This time of Covid certainly can assist us in this as the entire world is in a time of deep rest (though the fear that might accompany this time of Covid is very deleterious to the Kidney function).

Self-Care For The Health Of Your Kindneys

The Kidneys love and need warmth so a hot water bottle on the low back is very beneficial. Watching our intake of cold foods, and instead eating hot soups, drinking ginger tea, eating plenty of root vegies and warming foods can be very beneficial (if you want to experience improved health through specific dietary practices appropriate for this time of year, I highly recommend Sheri Demaris’ excellent online cooking class program at

And one of the best ways I have found to maintain a strong Kidney function is by doing a Self-Massage routine on a regular basis. This includes direct organ stimulation techniques, percussive techniques, specific stretching, and working the Kidney/Bladder meridians and acupoints.

To demonstrate the simple power of this Self Massage technique, I created a short video to show how to relieve stress and sleep better. Click Here to watch.

Again, you have the opportunity to set the tone for your overall health for the entire year by giving some attention now to the highly important Kidney/Bladder function.