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A Holistic Approach to The Best Foods For Springtime

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Spring Clean Your Nutrition -Best Holistic Foods

In a previous blog, I spoke about the importance of this seasonal transition to Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere), and according to Eastern Medicine, what role the very important Liver/Gallbladder system plays. I mentioned that if this system is out of balance, we may experience the emotional and physical symptoms of anger, irritability, impatience, headaches, eye problems, tendinitis and some digestive problems.

Well, fortunately, there are many foods appropriate for this season that help to unblock the congestion in the Liver/Gallbladder system, and can have us feeling more energy, more alive, and more available to the creativity and ideas that can manifest for us when this system is unblocked.

This is a time when we are emerging from the hibernation of Winter and can take full advantage of a more expansive energy that can lead to us making very positive changes in our lives. But only if we are experiencing an unimpeded flow of energy in the Liver/Gallbladder.

Seasonal Springtime Foods That Boost Liver / Gallbladder, Holistically

The flavor associated with this time of year is Sour, so to start the day with some lemon/lime juice is ideal. Your Liver/Gallbladder will thank you for it. Green apples are wonderful as is sauerkraut and other high-quality fermented foods.

Also, this time of year has to do with cleansing and detoxing, so all things green will benefit you greatly. Green, leafy veggies and chlorophyll rich foods are very beneficial. Try adding in bok choy, kale, collards, mustard greens, broccoli on a regular basis. Spirulina or chlorophyll powders or caps are beneficial.

Sprouted foods, raw foods in general, more fruit, and more oil all have an expansive effect on the body and can very much help to clear out any stuck-ness in the Liver/Gallbladder system.

Two things I like to make on a regular basis this time of year is a juice of carrots, apples, green leafy vegetables, with a squeeze of lemon or lime. Also, mung beans are very good this time of year, so a mung bean soup with shitake mushrooms, onions, garlic, some ginger is fantastic.

I mentioned in the last blog post how stress can very much congest the Liver/Gallbladder system, so if you can make regular visits to beautiful, green places in nature, this can assist greatly in reducing stress. I'm also a big believer in the value of a regular meditation practice.

Top Tip for Eating The Right Food For Springtime

Finally, overeating and eating late at night is deleterious for this organ system. Try to leave at least 2 hours after eating before sleeping.

Of course, in addition to diet, doing Self-Massage on a regular basis is powerful in terms of keeping the energy moving through all organ systems, not just the Liver/Gallbladder. I have created some short videos on YouTube that you can check out. Click Here to view those.


  1. Kerry, excellent information and dietary advice for the spring liver/gall bladder energy, but I don’t understand the “more oil” you speak of in your sixth paragraph. Doesn’t oil clog up the liver/gallbladder? Isn’t oil heavier? Shouldn’t we use more oil in the fall and winter instead to bolster for the cold? Thank you for your upcoming clarification. 🌞

    1. Ah, very good observation and question Rebecca. I'm not sure there is a more controversial topic in health circles than the consumption of oil. Let me just say that you are correct that too much oil (and fat) is not good for the Liver/Gallbladder, but the right quantity and quality of oil is very beneficial.

      For example, it has been shown that in cultures where people consume higher quantities of olive oil (i.e. the Mediterranian diet), they have much lower incidence of gallstones because the oil helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and in the gallbladder. Also, olive oil tends to reduce fat in the liver, increases blood flow, and increases levels of liver enzymes.

      From an energetic perspective, oil has an expansive, upward-rising energy, and that is what the energy of the Liver/Gallbladder is all about, from an Eastern medical perspective.

      Thanks much for your question Rebecca, and hope that helps to clarify.


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