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Increasing Your Energy and Supporting Your Wellbeing

Support Well-Being By using Acupoint To Target the Liver Today I want to let you know of something, from an Eastern Medical perspective, that you can do to help support the free flow of energy through the14 meridians and internal organs (specifically in the Liver/Gallbladder system, which is the organ system that is most active this time of year), so that you can feel more alive, creative and energetic . I want to demonstrate a way for you to access the most important acupoint on the Liver meridian that will help you to reduce or eliminate the emotional and physical symptoms of anger, irritability, impatience, headaches, eye problems, tendinitis and some digestive problems . The most important acupoint on the Liver meridian is (Liver 3) , and it can be found by following the line up between the big toe and the second toe until it stops in the V between the two bones. Push on this point and massage it. If you find it a little tender, it might mean that you have what's called "

A Holistic Approach to The Best Foods For Springtime

Spring Clean Your Nutrition -Best Holistic Foods In a previous blog, I spoke about the importance of this seasonal transition to Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere), and according to Eastern Medicine, what role the very important Liver/Gallbladder system plays. I mentioned that if this system is out of balance, we may experience the emotional and physical symptoms of anger, irritability, impatience, headaches, eye problems, tendinitis and some digestive problems . Well, fortunately, there are many foods appropriate for this season that help to unblock the congestion in the Liver/Gallbladder system, and can have us feeling more energy, more alive, and more available to the creativity and ideas that can manifest for us when this system is unblocked . This is a time when we are emerging from the hibernation of Winter and can take full advantage of a more expansive energy that can lead to us making very positive changes in our lives . But only if we are experiencing an unimpeded flow of en

10 Ways to Light your Fire Today

10 Tips to Increase Energy by Lighting Your Fire I believe we are wired to create the greatest level of energy for ourselves on a regular basis. This can take the form of healthy strategies, or unhealthy ones like excessive amounts of sugar, caffeine and perhaps other substances, that gives us a false sense of energy. This has some definite downsides that can be quite costly if we're not careful. I mentioned in previous e-newsletters that we are in what's called Liver/Gallbladder time of year according to Eastern Medicine (in the Northern Hemisphere). What that means is that if this system is open, healthy and unblocked, this is the time of year when we feel most inspired, creative, and with some great ideas about how we can improve our lives, whether that has to do with our health, our relationships, our work . So being in that inspired and creative place, I started thinking about how I keep my own fires burning brightly on a daily basis and wanted to share these with you. Top

Wellness Tips for Springtime

Have you noticed times in your life when you have felt a bit of over-the-top anger/irritability/impatience? Maybe some depression/moodiness that just keeps lingering? Or maybe you have experienced some chronic headaches, eye problems, tendinitis, or some digestive difficulties? If so, then according to Eastern Medicine, your Liver/Gallbladder system may be needing some attention. This is a timely topic as the above-mentioned symptoms can become much more prevalent during Springtime (March 20th-June 20th), but this is also the time of year when we have the opportunity to do some deep healing, and reduce or eliminate the symptoms mentioned above that accompany an imbalanced Liver/Gallbladder system . Springtime Wellness Tips -What Hinders Health? How did this imbalance get created? Well, not overnight. Most likely it took many years of cumulative and not very healthy life-style habits/choices. The Liver/Gallbladder system is very much adversely affected by chronic stress that has no outl

Total Health: Kerry Loeb On How We Can Optimize Our Mental, Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Wellbeing

  Click Here to view the article on Authority Magazine website.   I also believe that It is important to remain consistent as many of the benefits of exercise and movement are cumulative, and can only be achieved over time. I can remember when I first started exercising, I was still smoking, drinking, and doing drugs. My form of exercise at the time was tennis, which I loved playing. But the day came when it was just too difficult to keep up with my playing partners because I was still dragging around my various addictions. So my decision all those years ago was to quit exercising and playing tennis and continue to be guided by my bad habits, or give them up and become a better tennis player. I, fortunately, chose the latter. My point is that sometimes to develop a healthy habit requires us giving up something that we think we need. This can be a difficult decision and not necessarily an easy transition, but my experience has been that it’s always worth it. . . . Often when we refer

Take Control of Your Own Best Health with Kerry Loeb - Sandy K Nutrition Health & Lifestyle Queen Podcast Episode #50


Self-Care and Seasonal Transition

Seasonal Transitions & Self-Care I mentioned in the last blog that we are approaching a seasonal change, and this has several implications for our overall health. I will be writing more about this is the next few weeks, but just a reminder that we are now at the tail end of the Winter season, and this is the time of year where we can set the tone for our health for the rest of 2021 and beyond . I mentioned before that, according to Eastern Medicine, we are ending the Kidney/Bladder time of year in a couple of weeks. This is the organ system that relates to how much energy (Chi) is stored in our bodies, ready for distribution throughout our entire bodies, depending on the strength of the next organ system, Liver/Gallbaldder, which will kick in the first of Spring , on March 20th. Kidney & Bladder Seasonal Self-Care More about the importance of this in upcoming e-news editions, but for now I want to share with you a single point on the Kidney meridian that you can access on a reg

Relaxing and Regenerating

Eastern Medicine Method for Relaxing & Regenerating In the last blog post I addressed ways we can utilize healthy self-care techniques during these Winter months. From an Eastern Medical perspective, if we can support the Kidney/Bladder function (which is at its most vulnerable during this time-from December 21st to March 21st) by resting, regenerating, making time for contemplation, eating warming foods, not letting any fearful thoughts gain purchase, and working the acupoints and meridians that help us to support this organ function so that we can increase our immunity and vitality, we will set the tone for our health for the entire annual cycle. Relaxation & Regeneration Required After The Stress of Covid During this time of Covid, we have a choice to resist the state of the world and the state our lives might currently be in, or we can welcome this time as a time for deep rest, slowing down maybe like we haven’t done for a very long time, trusting that all will be OK. This

Optimizing Winter Health through Self-Care

Wintertime Health & Self-Care Focus This is the time of year, according to Eastern Medicine, that relates to the Kidney/Bladder function. It is important to know that in Eastern Medicine, the Kidneys are the foundational organs when it comes to our vitality, immunity, and overall feeling of well-being . This time of year lasts from December 21st-March 20th, and this is when this organ system will be at its most vulnerable, so it is very important to protect and strengthen these organs during this time of year so you can enjoy abundant health the rest of the year. The Kidneys are the storehouse of energy in our bodies, waiting to be distributed by other organ systems (particularly the Liver/Gallbladder function), so that we can feel more alive, more vibrant, and more fulfilled . If the Kidney function is low, here are some things you might be feeling – fatigue, cold hands and feet, low back problems, nighttime urination, low sex drive, weak knees, weakness of hearing and vision . If