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Protection From Colds, Flus, Viruses

  In past blogs, I mentioned some great ways for protecting and strengthening the Lung function as this is the time of year (September 21st-December 21st) when it will be at its weakest. Today, I will write about more healthy hacks for the Lungs that will help provide us protection from colds, flus, and viruses. A daily practice of Self-Massage (DO-IN), which involves activating certain acupressure points along the Lung meridian line, is my main go-to to accomplish this, but also diet, particular breathing techniques, and simply letting go of all that is weighing us down in our lives, can be highly beneficial to the Lung function. Due to past transgressions in my younger years, it is now very important that I pay special attention to protecting, balancing, and strengthening my Lungs . Today, I want to share some other ways to strengthen the Lungs that I have found to be very effective over the years . Dry skin brushing According to Eastern medicine, our skin is controlled by our Lungs