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Relaxing and Regenerating

Image of a person self-massaging their foot | Kerry Loeb Health Trainings

Eastern Medicine Method for Relaxing & Regenerating

In the last blog post I addressed ways we can utilize healthy self-care techniques during these Winter months. From an Eastern Medical perspective, if we can support the Kidney/Bladder function (which is at its most vulnerable during this time-from December 21st to March 21st) by resting, regenerating, making time for contemplation, eating warming foods, not letting any fearful thoughts gain purchase, and working the acupoints and meridians that help us to support this organ function so that we can increase our immunity and vitality, we will set the tone for our health for the entire annual cycle.

Relaxation & Regeneration Required After The Stress of Covid

During this time of Covid, we have a choice to resist the state of the world and the state our lives might currently be in, or we can welcome this time as a time for deep rest, slowing down maybe like we haven’t done for a very long time, trusting that all will be OK. This is the time of year to give ourselves permission to sink in and allow life to just be, without the need to control it, manipulate it, change it.

For me, I have chosen to spend this time on a beautiful warm beach in Southern Mexico, where I can do my digital nomad thing, but also where I can be quiet and contemplate my current existence, and when Winter ends, according to Eastern medicine, allow for the natural feeling of expansiveness of the Spring and Summer seasons to put any realizations into action.

So take good care of the Kidney/Bladder function and may you experience abundant health for the entire year.

I just received this wonderful testimonial from a recent graduate of the Self Massage program.

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! I am moving & grooving twice a day. It's been 5 weeks since I started your course and I keep feeling better and better. It is wonderful and powerful and fantastic. I'm more fit now than I was 20 years ago!!” Ann