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Increasing Your Energy and Supporting Your Wellbeing

Image of a two hands, self-massaging a foot | Kerry Loeb Self-Massage & Health Trainings

Support Well-Being By using Acupoint To Target the Liver

Today I want to let you know of something, from an Eastern Medical perspective, that you can do to help support the free flow of energy through the14 meridians and internal organs (specifically in the Liver/Gallbladder system, which is the organ system that is most active this time of year), so that you can feel more alive, creative and energetic.

I want to demonstrate a way for you to access the most important acupoint on the Liver meridian that will help you to reduce or eliminate the emotional and physical symptoms of anger, irritability, impatience, headaches, eye problems, tendinitis and some digestive problems.

The most important acupoint on the Liver meridian is (Liver 3), and it can be found by following the line up between the big toe and the second toe until it stops in the V between the two bones. Push on this point and massage it. If you find it a little tender, it might mean that you have what's called "Liver Chi congestion", where the energy in the body is stuck, and working this point can really help to get the energy moving again.

Increasing Energy Through Acupoint Self-Massage On The Feet

In a previous blog, I mentioned that the Liver, according to Eastern Medicine, is the "General" of the body, responsible for the distribution of energy throughout the entire body.

When I used to see clients in private practice, some would complain of excessive fatigue. When I would diagnose, I could tell they had plenty of robust energy in their bodies, but that it was stuck, which had everything to do with the Liver. Diet and Self-Massage (especially on the Liver points, meridian and organ) was the prescription for them.

So massage your Liver 3 point as often as you can - when you are watching TV, relaxing - anytime is good. Your Liver and your overall health will be most appreciative.

Image: Liver / Gallbladder information including  Kerry Loeb Self-Massage & Health Trainings Liver 3 acupoint

Diagram of Liver 2 and Liver 3 (LV2 &LV3) acupoints on the foot | Kerry Loeb Self-Massage & Health Trainings