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Love Your Liver

In my article in the last edition, “Optimizing Winter Health,” I mentioned how important rest, regeneration, containment, and contemplation are to recharge our Kidneys, which are considered to be the batteries of our bodies. If we focused on the regeneration of our “roots” during the Winter months and strengthened the foundational Kidney/Bladder system, we will be much better prepared to take advantage of the healing aspects of this Spring season. Continue reading this blog through the following link: Love Your Liver

Optimizing Winter Health

    The Five Element clock never stops ticking and the hands on that clock are now pointing directly at the Water element of Winter, which relates to the Kidney and Bladder function. As we transition from the Metal element of Fall and the correlative organs, the Lungs and Large Intestine, we now enter the most yin time of year, where the Kidney/Bladder system will be at its most vulnerable, but also most amenable to balancing and strengthening. Continue reading this blog through the following link: Optimizing Winter Health  

Protection From Colds, Flus, Viruses

  In past blogs, I mentioned some great ways for protecting and strengthening the Lung function as this is the time of year (September 21st-December 21st) when it will be at its weakest. Today, I will write about more healthy hacks for the Lungs that will help provide us protection from colds, flus, and viruses. A daily practice of Self-Massage (DO-IN), which involves activating certain acupressure points along the Lung meridian line, is my main go-to to accomplish this, but also diet, particular breathing techniques, and simply letting go of all that is weighing us down in our lives, can be highly beneficial to the Lung function. Due to past transgressions in my younger years, it is now very important that I pay special attention to protecting, balancing, and strengthening my Lungs . Today, I want to share some other ways to strengthen the Lungs that I have found to be very effective over the years . Dry skin brushing According to Eastern medicine, our skin is controlled by our Lungs

Protect and Strengthen Your Lungs

As we transition from Late Summer and the associated organs, the Spleen and Stomach, we enter Autumn, and according to macrobiotic and Chinese medical theory, this is the time of year that is associated with the Lungs and Large Intestine. This transition, which takes us in the direction of the colder weather of Winter, is seen as especially important as this system plays a significant role in the health of our immune systems, and many other facets of our overall health. Continue reading this blog through the following link: Protect and Strengthen Your Lungs

How To Increase Energy By Strengthening the Organs of Digestion

Do you remember in the last blog post I wrote about the lack of Mojo that we may experience this time of year? That feeling of moving through a swamp, with little motivation in our lives? This season of Late Summer is related to the internal organs, the Spleen and Stomach, and if they are not functioning optimally then we may experience one or more of the following conditions: Anxiety and insomnia Lowered immunity Fatigue and sluggishness Constipation Diarrhea IBS Bloating Water retention Weight gain Fibroid tumors and stones Candida Chronic fatigue syndrome Arthritis Cold hands and feet  For me, doing a daily Self-Massage routine helps much to keep the energy moving through the organs of digestion so that my Mojo is strong. But diet and nutrition are also very important. So what can we do from a nutritional perspective to avoid the various physical and emotional conditions listed above? Well, here's just a few ideas .  According to Chinese medicine, Sweet is the flavor that is as