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How to Enhance Summer Health

Enhance Your Health  Have you ever felt emotional distress and then that led to digestive distress? In Eastern Medicine, these two organs are very closely related and it's important to take steps during this season to nourish and strengthen both of them. If the Heart is imbalanced, then this is the season when we are most likely to feel the symptoms of that imbalance - things like lack of mental clarity, poor concentration, insomnia, anxiety, confusion, agitation, and manic depression . I want to suggest a couple of things that can help to bring this system back into balance. First, in my Self-Massage program I devote an entire session to this - how to use breathing, stretching, percussive techniques, massaging, and direct activation of the most important on the Heart and Small Intestine meridians. Here is a short video demonstrating one acupoint you can work that is directly related to the Heart and can help very much with calming, relaxing, de-stressing, and sleeping better . Yo

Boost Your Heart Health Now

Enhance Your Heart Health Today Did you know that on June 20th we began another very important seasonal health transition? On Monday, we began what's referred to as Heart/Small Intestine time , the organs of Summertime, and this season will run until August 20th. In Eastern Medicine, to pay attention to these seasonal transitions is very important as it allows us to align our health and natural rhythms with the rhythms of nature , offering us the opportunity to greatly enhance our overall health - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually . This is no small thing and I can attribute much of my great health to this understanding, and application, over the past several decades. For your own optimal health, I hope you can implement some of the benefits of these natural rhythms to help with any health challenges/imbalances you might be experiencing. One of the main things to know is that our energies will likely be at their highest this time of year . This is a time for expans