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Power Breathing

Cover Image: Image of Kerry Smiling, and a with text overlay which reads: "Power breath: for increasing immunity and energy. Helps to fight off external pathogens like colds, flu, viruses. Also good for relaxation and sleep" | Health Training |

Power Breathing Benefits

I hope you are enjoying abundant health this Summer season. One of the best things we can do for our health throughout the entire year is to remember to breath.

Did you know that on average we humans take in 6% solids, 14% liquids, and 80% air?

Further, we can survive for 63 days with no solids, 4-5 days with no liquids, and just 3 minutes with no air.

This speaks to the extreme importance of optimizing our lung capacity, especially as we are still trying to protect ourselves from Covid.

Did you know that just by taking five normal inhalations and exhalations you can reset the respiratory center, that then resets other systems in the body - like cardiac, circulatory, digestive, skeletal, etc.?

It's a great idea to incorporate into your health kit a daily, conscious breathing practice to boost immunity, energy and overall well-being.

Power Breath Tutorial

I just made a video of what's referred to as the "Power Breath", something that takes just a few minutes each day, that can increase your lung capacity, protect you from external pathogens such as colds, flu, viruses, increase your overall energy, and also allows for deep relaxation and improved sleep. To view, click here.