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Vaxing vs. Non-Vaxing

 Image of a hypodermic needle, injecting into a virus cell  | Kerry Loeb Self-Massage & Health Trainings

The Vaxing Vs Non-Vaxxing Debate

This battle over vaxing vs. non-vaxing I find to be most interesting. Doing my best to stand back and see things from an objective viewpoint, what I see are many people who are putting their health at risk by not considering the toll that negative emotions can take.

What I observe are people who, despite their best intentions, are compromising and depleting their immune function. On both sides of the debate, I see people who are loading anger, judgment, rage, even hatred, on their backs to serve the lord of self-righteousness. Other emotions such as fear, selfishness, greed also can pile on to further drag down their immunity.

Whether We Are Vaxing or Non-Vaxing, We Need To Take Care Of Our Health

In my Self-Massage program, I talk about the unseen power that emotions have on our health during each season of the year. This is the time of the year that the organs, the Liver and Gallbladder, are most affected, and the emotions that relate to this time of year are anger, impatience, restlessness, irritability. If we choose to feed these emotions through our thoughts, our self-righteousness, our judgment, then we deplete this very important organ system, which can then lead to other weakened organ systems (each organ system feeds the next one – in Chinese Medicine, this is referred to as a mother-son relationship) as we move through the year, which we eventually pay for with diminished immunity and less than optimal overall health.

I get it – we all have opinions, and for many of us we are absolutely convinced that those opinions are right, and as we more deeply identify with them, then we can easily get drawn into the rabbit hole of righteousness, and then believe it is our job to convince everybody else that they are wrong. This is a huge energy suck as we are depleting our much-needed Chi (energy) to keep ourselves strong, healthy, and happy as we are hopefully beginning to emerge from this horrible pandemic.

In my 40 years as a political activist in the US, fully loaded down with my self-righteousness, judgment, and anger, I am convinced I never influenced a single heart or mind to convert to my belief system at that time. It’s simply not a successful strategy and one that can be very costly.

I am blessed to live here in Mexico, where they take much more of a “live-and-let-live” attitude towards everything, but I see the strife and stress in the large foreign community that lives here, and I see the US and world news that depicts the emotional distancing (even amongst family members) that I find troubling and completely avoidable.

Will We Ever Agree On The Vaxing /Non-Vaxing Debate?

My own view is that this too shall pass, and how we react/respond during this crisis says much more about us than it does about others who may not agree with us. This is our wonderful opportunity to increase understanding of other’s viewpoints, perhaps to feel a deeper level of compassion, even empathy, for those we disagree with. It doesn’t have to be all divisiveness and polarity. Bridges can be created if we open our hearts and minds to that possibility.

Of course, this “Middle Way” has the added benefit of being a win-win, whereby we experience more of the increased energy of expansiveness, as opposed to the depleted energy of contraction, we feed our immunity, our peace of mind, our overall health, and the targets of our anger and righteousness become just fellow human beings trying to find what works best for them.

May you live in health and happiness.


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