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Self Healing

Drawing of two hands, one underneath the other. The index finger on the right hand, touches a acupoint (highlighted in Red) | Kerry Loeb Self-Massage & Health Trainings 
A good friend shared this poignant quote with me recently:

"The miracle of self-healing occurs when the inner patient becomes the inner physician."

Have you ever felt that you're chasing your own optimal health possibilities but never quite catching it? Even with the help of some, or many, health practitioners/doctors you just keep coming up short and wish that you could find some inner wisdom that would allow you to improve the quality of your health, without overreliance on others.

That's what this quote is all about, and my own experience is that most people have the capacity to realize a much better state of health and well-being when they start to take control of our own health.

I have found the Self-Massage Program that I developed to be a wonderful way to do that, and today I want to demonstrate a particular acupoint that you can access on a regular basis that helps with protecting the lungs, increasing energy, and also helps with headaches, eye and ear problems

To learn how you can access and utilize this point, please watch this short video: Acupoint for Protecting Respiratory System, Increasing Energy, Reducing Headaches.

In Chinese Medicine it is called Triple Heater 5. The video will show you exactly how to find and activate this point.