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Action Leads to Motivation

Action leads to Motivation: Cover Image of a woman (in silhouette), leaping the crevice between two large rocks. In the background, there is a sunset | Kerry Loeb Health Training Blog

Take Action To Increase Motivation!

Isn’t it the case that this is more true than the opposite, that motivation leads to action? How many times have you not wanted to do something that needs to be done, but you just took one baby step in that direction and before you knew it the task was completed?
This happens to me on a daily basis. Sometimes I’m not really feeling motivated to do something but I force myself to just start, maybe making a deal with myself that I will only do it for 5 minutes, and before I know it motivation has kicked in, and I am rolling right through it until its completion.
This can apply to meditation, exercise, doing the dishes, sometimes writing e-newsletters 😎, addressing a personal situation that I have don’t want to confront, etc.

Action vs Procrastination - Which One Wins?

Action beats procrastination every time. And don’t we all feel better about ourselves, more liberated when we have moved through any mental/physical sluggishness and resistance and completed something we know is necessary and/or good for our overall well-being?
So I invite you to resist your resistance and take action now on whatever it is you know needs to be done. These can be small daily tasks, or larger life changes like moving to a new location, getting a new job, moving away from toxic relationships/circumstances, etc.

Just do it !! You will feel better about yourself and more alive by allowing for this free-er flow of Chi (energy), moving beyond the stagnating and depleting energy of procrastination.

Here is a little reward for taking action to improve your life. Follow this link for FREE face-lift facial massage tutorial.

I welcome your comments, so please leave me a message to inspire others to also take action in the lives.