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Boost Your Heart Health Now

Image of a large red heart | Kerry Loeb Health Training & Self- Massage

Enhance Your Heart Health Today

Did you know that on June 20th we began another very important seasonal health transition? On Monday, we began what's referred to as Heart/Small Intestine time, the organs of Summertime, and this season will run until August 20th.

In Eastern Medicine, to pay attention to these seasonal transitions is very important as it allows us to align our health and natural rhythms with the rhythms of nature, offering us the opportunity to greatly enhance our overall health - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This is no small thing and I can attribute much of my great health to this understanding, and application, over the past several decades. For your own optimal health, I hope you can implement some of the benefits of these natural rhythms to help with any health challenges/imbalances you might be experiencing.

One of the main things to know is that our energies will likely be at their highest this time of year. This is a time for expansiveness, aliveness, fun, manifestation, and according to Eastern Medicine, the emotion related to this time of year is Joy. When we experience true joy and happiness, we are nourishing our Heart energy. We feel mentally clear and able to process experiences.

Heartache, Stress, Sorrow & The Impact To The Heart

When we are lacking joy in our lives, the Heart suffers and we can feel stuck, mentally chaotic, and have difficulty sleeping. Mania (or what can be referred to as obsessive joy) can indicate an excess of scattered Heart energy, and can be the cause of severe mental/emotional disorders. We need to be careful because over-stimulated Heart energy could also cause agitation, insomnia and palpitations. In other words, even the pleasurable emotions can be out of balance.

Furthermore, all emotions, besides affecting the relevant organ directly (like anger and restlessness affecting the organ of Springtime, the Liver) affect the Heart indirectly because the Heart houses the Mind. Our hearts can recognize and feel the effect of emotional tension. Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling emotional tension, your digestion can feel like it's off? This is why the Small Intestine is paired with the Heart - there is a very direct relationship between the two.

In future editions, I will be writing more about how we can help to correct any imbalances in the Heart, including lifestyle and dietary choices, as well as some great Self-Massage techniques, etc. so that we can optimize our health this Summer.

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